Why is the College National Championship game being held at the Fiesta Bowl this year?

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Glendale Arizona is home to the Fiesta Bowl. Every year the Fiesta Bowl is held in Glendale. This season it also happens to be the site for the National Championship game. Every year the location of the Championship game rotates among 4 stadiums. The Fiesta Bowl will be played on January 1st and then on January 10th the Championship game will also be held at Glendale.

The National Championship game will be held at the same stadium as the Fiesta Bowl but they are entirely separate games. The Fiesta Bowl teams will not be playing for a College National Championship. The only teams that can win the college National Championship are the 2 teams that are playing on January 10th. The site for the Fiesta Bowl is the same location for the National Championship but the games are unrelated.

The location of the National Championship game rotates among 4 stadiums. Currently the championship game is played at the location of the Fiesta Bowl, the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl. Every year the game will move to one of these stadiums however the current BCS agreement with these College Bowls will be expiring this year and it is very possible that additional locations will be added into the new agreement.

If the agreement does not change then you will see the National Championship come back to Glendale again in 2015. Glendale will be very busy this year as they will host two major NCAA college bowl games.

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